Apprentice candidates self-publish 'Snottydink' follow-up

Apprentice candidates self-publish 'Snottydink' follow-up

Sam Curry and Elle Stevenson, two of the candidates of BBC1’s The Apprentice" who put together a picture book for the show, have decided to self-publish a new title.

Gobble Gruff, the tale of an oversized beast who lives in a magical forest, is illustrated by Dominic Trevett and features snowball fights, ice-skates and a special visit from Father Christmas. The authors said it “conveys the same strong message of acceptance” they tried to portray in Snottydink, the book they created for TV.

The book is aimed at ages 3-5 and is written in rhyming couplets. The authors have included several longer words (sculpture, steed and technique) to “stretch a child’s vocabulary and imagination”, even though a focus group told them during "The Apprentice" not to use long words.

A “limited run” of the books, priced at £5.99, will go on sale on Amazon tomorrow (16th December).

Curry and Stevenson decided to publish a second book after their first, Snottydink, sold out in bookshops.

Even though Foyles only ordered 50 copies (and 15 copies of the rival team’s book), they sold out within a week. Head buyer Jasper Sutcliffe told The Bookseller: “I should have ordered more.”

Copies of the book then began selling on eBay for ten times the asking price.

After the show aired, illustrator Yasmeen Ismail wrote a blog for The Bookseller, saying the episode “took the joy of picture book craft and tossed it onto the pyre”, because “money was the objective and sales were king”.

However, she also said Sam was the “sole beating heart around this cruel and bitter boardroom” because of the care he took over the book.