Apple too focused on northern hemisphere, claims APA

<p>The Australian Publishers Association has complained that Apple is focusing too much on lists &quot;from the northern hemisphere&quot; for the international launch of the iPad on 28th May, at the expense of local houses. According to <em>The Australian</em>, the country&#39;s publishers &quot;have faced an uphill battle to get their titles onto [the iPad&#39;s] digital shelves&quot;.</p><p>The paper reports that APA chief executive Maree McCaskill said Apple had been slow to appoint a delegate to negotiate with local publishers, holding up efforts to get Australian authors and titles on to the iPad until after it goes on sale. She said: &quot;I understand that Apple has recruited an Australian iBookstore manager but that it might be a month or so before that person is operational.</p><p>&quot;The difficulty for Australian publishers is that Apple in the US is less focused on the Australian list and its availability than the big lists from the northern hemisphere.&quot;</p><p>Apple Australia responded saying it was working hard to bring new content to the iBookstore in time for the iPad&#39;s local launch.</p>