Apple sells 1m iPads

<p>More than one million iPads have been sold since the device launched on 3rd April, Apple announced this weekend. Users have already downloaded 1.5m e-books from the iBookstore, and 12m apps. </p><p>Apple chief executive Steve Jobs said: &quot;One million iPads in 28 days&mdash;that&rsquo;s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone. Demand continues to exceed supply and we&rsquo;re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.&quot;</p><p>Shortly after launching in the US, <a href="../news/116451-apple-delays-international-ipad.html" target="_blank">Apple announced it was having to delay the international launch by a month, to the end of May, citing &quot;surprisingly strong US demand&quot;. Pre-orders will be taken from 10th May, according to the company&#39;s website. </a></p><p>This weekend, US media reported that the country&#39;s <a href=" target="_blank">Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission were in discussions over initiating an inquiry into whether Apple&#39;s demand that programmers develop apps that can run only on the company&#39;s devices was anti-competitive. </a></p>