Apple releases iBooks for Macs

Apple releases iBooks for Macs

Apple's next updated version of its operating system for Mac computers will enable users to read books bought from its iBooks store, according to reports from Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference yesterday [Monday 10th June].

The development could help push the Apple iBooks platform as a vehicle for educational content with Apple using a textbook at the conference to demonstrate the capabilities of the new system.  Apple has also revealed that it is to launch a new standalone ‘kids’ category for its apps store, meaning that children’s content, from books to games, will now be grouped under one heading making it easier for parents and children to find relevant content. Apple said the new kids category “spotlights the best apps for children based on age”.

Since Apple's iBookstore was launched in 2010, iBooks has only been available as an app for iOS devices. The new operating system, called OS X Maverick, will mean that the iBooks marketplace will be available on Apple laptops and desktops using the system.

According to reports, any books that a user has already purchased will be then available on the laptop or desktop too.

The news was part of a raft of new developments and innovations announced by the technology firm at the San Francisco conference.