Apple readies iBookstore in Japan, faces fine in China

Apple readies iBookstore in Japan, faces fine in China

Apple plans to have 80,000 titles for sale on its iBookstore in Japan within a month, according to reports.

Apple launched iBooks in Japan in 2010, but has not secured agreements with publishers to sell their e-books until now. The Verge reports it has now reached "agreement in principle" with at least three of Japan's major publishers. 

Kobo, Amazon and Sony are all already active in the market, with Kobo reportedly currently having more than 2.5m e-books and the most manga/graphic novels available out of all the major digital readers.

Meanwhile, the technology giant is reported to have been fined for selling copyright infringing e-books in China. 

The company is accused of having infringed the copyright of eight Chinese authors and two companies, and is said to have been ordered to pay 1.03m yuan as a fine for causing financial losses to the involved parties.

The authors involved include Murong Xuecun, Li Chengpeng, and He Ma, with the ruling delivered by the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court. However, the amount Apple is being ordered to pay is less than the 11.9m yuan that the authors had sought.