App glitch hits Deyes promo

App glitch hits Deyes promo

A "Golden Ticket" competition launched by Blink and Alfie Deyes on Friday night (8th May) had to be cancelled on Sunday (10th) after a technical problem that informed hundreds of entrants that they had won.

Deyes announced the competition on his YouTube channel on Friday evening. Viewers who had bought The Pointless Book 2 with the corresponding app were able to scan a designated set of pages in the book using the app to see if they had won a golden ticket.

Ten books had pages that had been printed differently to make their owners winners of the competition. The prize was to spend the day with Deyes, with all expenses covered, and was open to UK and Ireland viewers. However when hundreds of people started tweeting Deyes saying they had won, it became clear that there was a technical problem.

Deyes explained in a video posted on Sunday night: “The app couldn’t handle it and it let literally thousands of you win, even though the pages weren’t meant to be scannable. The app messed up and started thinking that non-winning pages were winning pages so now I’ve had phone calls from the publisher and the app people saying that a crazy amount of people have won the opportunity. It’s kind of not possible. I wanted to be the first to tell you. Basically it broke because so many of you were trying to use it at the same time.

"The app team are super apologetic so I’m afraid to say we’re going to have to scrap the whole thing and pretend it never happened except to learn from it that you guys are awesome and there are so many of you.”

Deyes asked viewers how he could “make it better for you” after expressing disappointment in the app. Deyes said: “I don’t know whose fault it is. I told you that some of you could meet me but it’s not my fault the app broke. I feel like I owe you guys for building this up. I feel really bad, I’m truly truly sorry.”

On a statement was released saying: “Thank you for your patience during the #pdgoldenticket event last night. You do all Alfie proud. None of us expected events to unfold the way they did we’re doing a full investigation into what happened.”