APA disbands as PA launches audiobook committee

<p>The Audiobook Publishers Association has disbanded, following a decision by the Publishers Association to set up an Audiobook Publishing Committee. </p><p>Zoe Howes, audiobooks senior commissioning editor at Random House and the former vice-chair of the APA, said that because the major audiobook publishers within the APA were also members of the PA via their parent companies, they had given notice that they would not be renewing their APA membership, leaving the organisation without funding. It disbanded last month and membership fees are to be refunded.&nbsp; </p><p>However she added it was &quot;brilliant&quot; that the PA was setting up its new committee. An initial meeting has already taken place, to discuss the key issues to be addressed. </p><p> &quot;Obviously audio has changed a lot and really expanded and it&#39;s great that it has got to a level where the PA sees it as an important part of trade publishing,&quot; she said.</p><p>Howes added that it was possible that another organisation might emerge following the APA&#39;s demise, since the organisation had involved not just audiobook publishers, but also actors, abridgers and producers.</p>