Anti-semitic charge threatens Nemirovsky

<p>The Guardian reports that a row threatens to tarnish the image of French writer Irene Nemirovsky, after comments made by Miriam Anissimov, a biographer of Primo Levi, were omitted from the English edition of her bestseller <em>Suite Francaise</em>. &quot;Claims made in that passage have fuelled a transatlantic row about whether the writer was indeed an anti-semitic Jew who cosied up to some of the most unpleasant anti-semites in 1930s France.&quot;</p><p>The comments appeared in the introduction to the French edition that appeared two years previously. Stuart Jeffries, writing in the Guardian, says: &quot;Perhaps the paragraph was taken out because it is, even without its being incendiary, strictly irrelevant, since there are no Jews in Suite Francaise - the novel instead focuses on Parisians fleeing the Nazis.&quot;</p><p>Other writers find the comment irrelevant. Carmen Callil disagrees sharply with the charge that she hated fellow Jews: &quot;The only reason we&#39;re having this conversation is that our culture is now suffused with political correctness. She didn&#39;t dislike Jews. She disliked some Jews. Big difference.&quot;</p>