Anthony Horowitz will share chapters of new book online

Anthony Horowitz will share chapters of new book online

Anthony Horowitz has announced he will share the writing process of his new Diamond Brothers book, Where Seagulls Dare, with children online.

Readers will be invited to give him feedback and chapters will be shared as the lockdown continues, with the full, finished novel set to publish with Walker in 2021.

The author has released the new chapters of Where Seagulls Dare to read for free on his website.

Horowitz said: "With the whole world in lockdown and young readers forced to stay away from school and their friends, I was wondering what I could do to help and suddenly the Diamond brothers came to mind".

He added: "Normally when you read one of my stories, I may have written it half a dozen times. It’s been edited. All the spelling mistakes (and unnecessary violence) have been taken out. It’s been put into a nice cover with illustrations beside the text. It is, in other words, a book.

"This time, what you’re going to read is 'work in progress'. As I sit here, locked down in London, I have almost no idea what’s going to happen in the story. I’m not even sure I know what to write in Chapter Two! The whole thing may go hopelessly wrong and it’s quite possible that I won’t ever get to the end."

All profits from the physical book will go to the NHS.