Anova captures the Beatles and Stones off their guard

<p>Largely unseen behind the scenes photographs of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones will be revealed for the first time in two new books by Anova. The publisher has adapted its <em>A Life in Pictures books</em>, which look at classic film stars, into a new series about musicians. The first two books in the On Camera, Off Guard series by Mark Hayward will be published in September. The hardbacks will be priced &pound;25.</p><p>The illustrated books will feature more than 200 pages of rarely seen photographs of the Sixties legends filming in television series, relaxing backstage and in between photo shoots. The Beatles book has photos of John, Paul and George as teenage Quarrymen and Paul relaxing on Frank Sinatra&#39;s Learjet during the mid- 1960s. Among the photographs in the Stones book are some of the first pictures of the band recording in a studio.</p><p>Anna Cheifetz, associate publisher at Anova, said the majority of photos would be unrecognisable to fans of the Stones or the Fab Four. She said: &quot;Most of the material was collected by Mark when he ran a record store called Vinyl Experience in Soho. A lot of photographers would sell him their stuff if they had fallen on hard times. Some of their wives would sell on the photos after their husband had died. It&#39;s really full of uncovered secrets.&quot;</p><p>Cheifetz said that the series had its origins in a chance meeting with Hayward nearly 10 years ago. She said: &quot;I was working for another publisher and Mark was a big collector of ephemera. He came up to my stall with a big suitcase full of material about lots of Sixties bands.&quot;</p><p>She said that she had not had an opportunity to work with him then but immediately thought of him when the On Camera . . . series was first discussed a year ago. She said: &quot;I managed to track him down through the beauty of Google.&quot;</p><p>Both books also include a DVD of rare footage of the bands. Cheifetz said: &quot;In the case of the Beatles DVD there was a fan who happened to be invited to be an extra on &quot;Help&quot; when it was filmed in the Bahamas. She brought her home movie camera and filmed people hanging around backstage. There&#39;s footage of the Beatles relaxing on a cliff edge.&quot;</p>