Anne Frank drama to BBC1

<p>The dramatised story of the life of Anne Frank is coming to the BBC early next year, with Penguin publishing the tie-in. &quot;The Diary of a Young Girl&quot; is a five-part drama series scheduled to be aired on BBC1 in early January. The screenplay is written by author Deborah Moggach, who is also known for her screen adaptations of <em>Pride and Prejudice</em> and <em>Love in a Cold Climate</em>.</p><p>Based on Anne Frank&#39;s famous diary&mdash; the most widely read piece of non-fiction apart from the Bible&mdash;the series will follow the events of the young Jewish girl&#39;s life from 1942, just before she and her family went into hiding in the&nbsp; &quot;Secret Annexe&quot; of her father&#39;s business offices with another family and their friend, to their discovery by the Nazis two years later. Anne Frank will be played by Ellie Kendrick, with Iain Glen and Tamsin Grieg playing her mother and father. &quot;The Diary of a Young Girl&quot; was produced by Darlow Smithson for BBC1.</p><p><em>The Diary of a Young Girl</em> will be published as a 368-page, &pound;7.99 paperback on 1st January 2009, and is the &quot;definitive edition&quot; according to the publishers. Penguin said the original diary text had not been altered in any way.</p>