Anne Frank app from Viking

Anne Frank app from Viking

Penguin’s Viking imprint has teamed up with digital developer TradeMobile to create an interactive app version of Anne Frank’s Diary.

The Anne Frank App, which will be released on 18th October for all platforms, will feature the full text of The Diary of a Young Girl, alongside dozens of extra features, including facsimile copies of the original diary pages.

Readers will be able to tap words in the text to hear Helena Bonham Carter reading diary extracts, and be able to watch related videos. It also includes original radio broadcasts, photographs, a Q&A with Anne’s cousin Buddy Elias and archive material from the Anne Frank Foundation. It will be priced at £6.99.

Venetia Butterfield, Viking publishing director, said: “Seventy years since Anne began her diary, it remains one of the most beloved books of all time. With the support of the Anne Frank Foundation we are honoured to bring her stories to readers in such an inspiring and sympathetic way.”

The app has been approved and authorised by the Anne Frank Foundation, established by her father Otto, who lived with her in their Amsterdam attic while hiding from the Nazis.

Anne recorded all of her time living in the annexe behind a bookcase with her extended family, until they were ultimately discovered. She died in Bergen Belsen concentration camp when she was 15, just weeks before the camp was liberated.

Her diary has since been published in 60 languages and is seen as a key document of the Holocaust.