Angry Robot signs self-published author Gemma Amor

Angry Robot signs self-published author Gemma Amor

Angry Robot Books has acquired Full Immersion by previously self-published author and Bram Stoker Award shortlistee Gemma Amor.

The publisher acquired world English language, translation and audio rights from Mark Falkin of Falkin Literary. Publication is scheduled for 13th September 2022. 

The synopsis reads: "M is desperate. She’s tried everything. The yoga, the mindfulness, the therapy. She’s changed her diet, her lifestyle and still it’s always there. The Bridge calling to her to jump. She’s played it through a thousand times in her head and it’s just not going anywhere but closer to it. The only shot in the dark to perhaps make this feeling go away is a vague, experimental research centre that promises to help you try to tackle it in a new way. Entering virtual reality it lets you live this compulsion and then come out the other side and follow the clues of your own life with a therapist placed in there. But what if the patient starts to take more control of it than you expected? Is that therapist in danger? M’s body may be out there in the room behind the screen but her mind is lost in the virtual world – stalked by a shadow."

Associate publisher Eleanor Teasdale said: "Gemma has written lots of incredible, creepy, smart horror and I'm so excited to be bringing her to Angry Robot for her traditionally published debut. Full Immersion is a literary horror with broader questions about how we deal with the terrors our own minds can create."

Amor commented: "I'm beyond thrilled that Full Immersion has found a home with Angry Robot – I've been hungry to join their author family for some time. This novel is intensely personal to me and quite different to anything else I've written to date, so to know it will be brought to life by such an exciting and passionate imprint is a dream come true."

Amor's self-published titles include Bram Stoker Award nominated Dear Laura (2019), Girl on Fire (2019), White Pines (2020) and These Wounds We Make (2020). She is also the co-creator, writer and voice actor for horror-comedy podcast "Calling Darkness", starring Kate Siegel.