Angry Robot signs near-future novel

Angry Robot is to publish a debut novel by Canadian writer Madeline Ashby.

vN is set in a near-future where robots and humans live side by side, and follows Amy, who has grown up with a cybernetic mother and human father. Alone of her kind, her "human-protecting failsafe" has stopped working and she's soon on the run from the law. Her only friend is a robot boy programmed to only like humans.

Angry Robot publishing director Marc Gascoigne acquired rights to two titles in the Von Neumann Sisters sequence via Monica Pacheco of the Anne McDermid Agency, based in Toronto. The publisher described it as a "stunning extrapolation of a robot future with bravura kick-ass manga-inspired action—think Philip K Dick meets Joss Whedon."

Ashby, who has an MA  in manga and anime, said: “Having just written a novel about angry robots, it seemed natural I should partner up with Angry Robot.

"Luckily they believed in this story just as much as I did, and they've been wonderfully supportive throughout."

vN will be published in the US and UK in August 2012, with a sequel to follow the year after.