Angry Robot signs author found on Twitter

Angry Robot has signed two books by a debut novelist it discovered on Twitter.

Editor Lee Harris bought world rights to the novels directly from writer Adam Christopher.

Empire State will be published in January 2012, with a second superhero-themed novel, Seven Wonders, to follow by the end of the year.

The debut is about a policeman investigating a murder, who discovers his world is a pocket universe brought into being by an explosion of phenomenal power. After being chased by a superhero he crosses into a world similar to his own and a city called New York.

Harris said: "It's always a great feeling when you find a new author‚ especially one with Adam's talent. Empire State is reminiscent of China Mieville's The City & the City, the existence of superheroes within Adam's world serving to underline the very human struggle for survival. We're pretty excited."

Christopher tweets under the name @ghostfinder and has 1,733 followers.