Wiles' first fantasy novel to be published by Angry Robot

Wiles' first fantasy novel to be published by Angry Robot

Angry Robot has acquired Will Wiles' first fantasy book, The Last Blade Priest, to be published under the name W P Wiles.

Eleanor Teasdale, associate publisher, and Simon Spanton, editor-at-large, acquired world English language and audio rights from Antony Topping of Greene & Heaton. The novel will be published on 14th June 2022. 

The synopsis reads: "Inar is Master Builder for the Kingdom of Mishig-Tenh. Life is hard after the Kingdom lost the war against the League of Free Cities. Doubly so since his father betrayed the King and paid the ultimate price. And now the King’s terrifying chancellor and torturer in chief has arrived and instructed Inar to go and work for the League. And to spy for him. And any builder knows you don’t put yourself between a rock and a hard place. Far away Anton, Blade Priest for Craithe, the God Mountain, is about to be caught up in a vicious internal war that will tear his religion apart. Chosen from infancy to conduct human sacrifice, he is secretly relieved that the practice has been abruptly stopped. But an ancient enemy has returned, an occult conspiracy is unfolding, and he will struggle to keep his hands clean in a world engulfed by bloodshed."

Wiles is the author of three novels with Fourth Estate: the Betty Trask Award-winning Care of Wooden Floors (2012), Kitschie Award-nominated The Way Inn (2014), and Plume (2019).

He said: "I am delighted that The Last Blade Priest, my first fantasy novel, is being published by Angry Robot. Writing this book has been a joy, giving me a chance to explore a genre I've loved since childhood, and it's very pleasing that my debut as a fantasy author should be published by a press with such an amazing track record in that field."

Teasdale commented: "Both Simon and I were so happy when this came in. It's a gorgeous fantasy—both playing in the rules of the genre but with some wonderful twists. Will is a brilliant novelist so we are thrilled to have him join us for his first foray into the fantasy realm."

Spanton added: "I've long loved Will's sharp novels about where life tips into the surreal and strange. The opportunity to follow his steps into epic fantasy and see him bring his wit and knowledge to a new genre was very exciting. And sure enough he's crafted a gripping and original novel which takes the reader on a fantastic, and surprising, journey."