Angry Robot picks up two debuts through open submissions

Angry Robot picks up two debuts through open submissions

Angry Robot has acquired two debut novels through its open submissions period held in May 2020; Obsidian by Sarah J Daley (pictured, above left) and Deep Dive by Ron Walters (pictured, above right).

Deep Dive is a a sci-fi thriller that will explore what happens when Virtual Reality starts to become reality. The novel follows Peter Banuk, the founder of a small video games company, who is struggling to get a new virtual reality game off the ground. World English language, audio and translation rights were acquired from David Dunton at the Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. 

World English language, audio and translation rights for Obsidian were aquired direct from Daley. The synopsis reads: "Shade Nox is an abomination and a wanted criminal simply for being a woman. But she wields her blades with devastating precision, gleefully shedding blood for elemental magic that matches any man’s. When she is called upon to raise a Veil to protect her people from the bloodthirsty creatures of the Wastes, she discovers a road much rockier than she expected. Made no easier, of course, by Raiden Mad – Imperial emissary – who intends to capture and imprison her."

The publisher commented: "We’re always delighted to spot and champion new talent, which is why the annual open submission period is so important to us. We had a lot of great entries but these two really hit home when the editors read them. We're so excited to be working with two new talented authors in this exciting stage of their writing career."

Both titles will be published in January 2022.