Angry Robot picks up Pratt's Kickstarter novella collection

Angry Robot picks up Pratt's Kickstarter novella collection

Angry Robot has acquired its first novella collection from Hugo Award-winning American author Tim Pratt after seeing the author's Kickstarter campaign for the project. 

The publisher subsequently acquired world English rights to The Alien Stars and Other Novellas through Ginger Clark at Curtis Brown NY.

The collection will be an extension of Pratt's science fiction fantasy series Axiom, published by Angry Robot and comprising The Wrong Stars (2017), The Dreaming Stars (2018) and The Forbidden Stars (2019). 

The synopsis for the new collection reads: "In The Augmented Stars, Ashok the cyborg engineer leads his ship’s motley crew deep into space in search of a cosmic anomaly, to face a most unlikely enemy. In The Artificial Stars, artificial intelligence Shall receives a mysterious summons from a past version of himself, to defeat an existential threat to the whole universe. And finally, in The Alien Stars, intrepid alien Lantern must return home to confront the monsters of her past, and face up to some matters of the heart."

The collection will be published on 27th April 2021.

Eleanor Teasdale, commissioning editor for Angry Robot, said: "I saw Tim’s kickstarter campaign for this collection and knew that I wanted to read it and that, actually, maybe I also wanted to publish it. So we reached out."

Pratt commented: "The crew of the 'White Raven' are some of the best characters I've ever created. Even though I wrapped up the main story with The Forbidden Stars, I couldn't say goodbye just yet. The Alien Stars is my opportunity to highlight a few favorites who didn't get as much time in the spotlight in the main series, and it was such a joy to explore the galaxy with them again."

Pratt won a Hugo Award in 2007 for his short story Impossible Dreams