Angry Robot acquires two from Helms

Angry Robot acquires two from Helms

Angry Robot has made its first acquisition since the company was sold off from the Osprey Group.

World English rights were signed in two books by Alyc Helms in a deal from Lindsay Ribar and Stefanie Diaz at Greenburger Associates and Anna Carmichael at Abner Stein.

The first title, The Dragons of Heaven, will be published in Spring 2015.

Marc Gascoigne said: "I do like it when the team bring in a novel proposal and we all devour it at a single sitting. Such was the case with the delicious The Dragons of Heaven…  It's another in a long line of wonderful Angry Robot books that defies categorisation without resorting to a hell of a lot of hyphens. Alright, if you insist: it's a sort of superhero-pulp-kung fu-magician-fantasy-mystery-adventure. See what I mean?"

American author Helms said: "I'm completely chuffed. I get to say chuffed now. It's one of the perks."