Angry Birds launches book app

Angry Birds launches book app

Rovio, the creator of the hugely popular mobile game Angry Birds, will partner with Cern to produce both books and games as part of its expanding educational offer.

The Finnish-based developer, following on from its partnerships with National Geographic and Nasa announced earlier this year, is linking with Cern, the Swiss-based European Laboratory for Particle Physics, to continue developing its new “educational approach”.
Rovio will be announcing further details with Cern at the Frankfurt Book Fair on Friday, as well as launching its first ever book app.

Rovio chief marketing officer Peter Vesterbacka said: “We have been thinking a lot about books and learning, and how we can make learning fun. We have a lot going on in that area but we are still a tiny company. We’re trying to learn fast and one way to do this is to work with the best possible partners. It’s amazing to be able to announce our partnership with Cern, we will be bringing some of their expertise and knowledge to our audience and it is really great to work with them and all of our partners.”

Rovio launched its first book last year, the cookery title, Bad Piggies’ Egg Recipes, and has since expanded its books brand through partnerships with National Geographic and Nasa, as well as Angry Birds-branded physical books.

Rovio was originally founded 
in 2003 by three students from Helsinki University of Technology. On 9th May this year, the company announced that its most popular product, the Angry Birds game, 
hit one billion downloads across all mobile formats, 25% of which were paid-for downloads.