Leadsom vows to campaign for 'sustainable future' of libraries

Leadsom vows to campaign for 'sustainable future' of libraries

Leader of the Commons Andrea Leadsom has promised to campaign for the "sustainable future" of libraries after visiting one threatened with closure in Northamptonshire.

Last year it was revealed that Northamptonshire County Council is considering plans to close up to 28 of the county’s libraries, including Brackley Library, to make £115m worth of savings.

Leadsom was invited to visit Brackley Library by nine-year-old user Alice du Plessis who wrote a letter to the South Northamptonshire MP saying: “We are not sure if you have visited Brackley Library and seen how great it is”. Deputy Town Mayor councillor Mark Morrell and representatives of Northamptonshire County Council gave Leadsom a tour of the building and a large group of residents of were also in attendance, including local author Sue Bentley.

Following the visit, Leadsom said she was doing her best to "make sure our libraries have a sustainable future". 

"They are such a vital part of all of our local communities," she said. "Many people have written to me and I am absolutely representing their interest in making sure we can keep our valuable libraries.”

Brackley resident Becca Pratt added: “I have used Brackley Library from a young age and continue to do so. My three children love going to the library whether it be to choose books or go to the events that the library provides. I have seen many changes over the last few years due to cuts and it is such a shame as I have enjoyed the Sure Start Centre with my children when they were younger. It was also a great place to go to meet new mums and for my little ones to interact with other children and enjoy the activities that the library provides. It would be a great loss to our lovely town if we did lose the library.”

The Save Brackley Library Campaign is urging library users to take part in the county's library consultation which could result in a reprieve for the threatened services. The deadline is 13th January. There is also a petition calling on the council to save Brackley Library.