Andersen picks up Jolie and Amnesty children’s rights collaboration

Andersen picks up Jolie and Amnesty children’s rights collaboration

Andersen Press has bought world rights to Angelina Jolie’s and Amnesty International’s collaboration on a “vitally important” book on children’s human rights.

Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) aims to help every child and young person to know their rights, understand how they relate to them individually, where to go for help if their rights are violated and how to claim them.

It comes, Amnesty said, “at a time when unprecedented numbers of children are protesting on a global scale, in the streets and online”.

Jolie will write the introduction to the book, with Amnesty supplying the text, in consultation with Jolie and British human rights lawyer Geraldine Van Bueren, who was one of the drafters of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Jolie, who has been a UN special envoy since 2012, and Amnesty announced that they were working on developing the book at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Chloe Sackur, Andersen Press’ commissioning editor, acquired the title through Curtis Brown’s Stephanie Thwaites.

The publisher will release Know Your Rights (And Claim Them) in September 2021 as a “stylish, clear and easy to navigate toolkit” aimed at readers aged 13 and up.

In spring 2022 there will be an abridged version for 11-plus readers, A Pocket Book of Rights, “to be used both as an on-the-go handbook and as a simpler, shorter introduction to child rights”.

Jolie said: “Today we have youth engaged and ready to fight. But many struggle with misinformation from adults, a lack of awareness of their rights, and a lack of knowledge of how to use the specifics of their rights, applying them to the country and circumstances in which they live. We need to give them the tools to strengthen their fight and empower them.”