Amazon's Kindle 'out of stock'

<p>Amazon&#39;s new e-book device, Kindle, has gone &#39;out of stock&#39; due to &quot;heavy customer demand&quot;. The strong demand for the device comes despite a mixed critical reception, with users on;s own website only giving it 2.5 stars out of five.</p><p>Nevertheless, Amazon says that it is not now able to ship the device until 29th November. A message on reads: &quot;Due to heavy customer demand, Kindle is temporarily sold out. Because we ship Kindles on a first-come, first-served basis, please ORDER NOW to reserve your place in line.&quot;</p><p>The latest reviews of the unit continue to be divided. <a href=" target="_blank" title=" piece in The Times</a> concludes: &quot;My overwhelming sense after playing with the Kindle is that it is too little, too late to keep up with the surging technology on display in such products as the iPhone.&quot;</p><p><a href=" target="_blank" title=" review on Forbes</a>, calls its the &quot;anti-iPhone&quot;. &quot;It does one thing very well: downloading and displaying text. Unlike Steve Jobs&#39; wondertoy, it&#39;s not likely to become a status symbol for hip digerati.&quot; However, the piece concludes: &quot;Even so, Amazon&#39;s reader is still exciting. The reading experience it creates is just as pleasant and immersive as a book. And more important, it isn&#39;t a book; it&#39;s a library. The Kindle may be among the first devices that start to shift the way people accumulate literature, transforming shelves of books into a single device that can ride around in a briefcase.&quot; It suggests that it could appeal to &quot;law students&quot;.</p><p>The Economist calls it &quot;<a href="" target="_blank" title=" ">the most serious attempt yet to take bookselling into the digital age</a>&quot;.</p><p>On, 152 users out of the 432 who have so far reviewed the device gave it just one star. Just 85 gave it five stars.</p>