launches Russian e-books section launches Russian e-books section has launched a section for e-books in Russian.

Russian book industry experts noticed last Friday (13th February) that had launched the new dedicated section for Russian language e-books, reported site Russia Beyond the Headlines. Previously, Russian e-books had been available on the site, but there was no technical support for them or any dedicated category flagging them up to consumers. 

Vladimir Kharitonov, c.e.o of the Russian Association of Web Publishers, is quoted as saying the target consumers for the Russian language books were foreigners studying Russian, and Russians living abroad and unaware of Russian e-books distributors, as the Amazon interface is still in English and prices are in dollars. 

“This news means that there is now another source of e-books in Russian," Kharitonov said. "It's not so big as the e-catalogues of or the e-library, where you can find hundreds of thousands of books. The Amazon catalogue consists of some books for a general audience - Boris Akunin, Alexandra Marinina - some classic literature and academic publications, the New Literary Review, for example. There are also many books by self-published authors.”

Kharitonov added: “Russian publishing houses should be happy because many of them have had contracts with Amazon for a long time and sales are now beginning. The launch of this new section doesn't mean the launch of full-fledged sales, but it's a step in the right direction.”