Amazon working on 'Kindle app for Mac'

<p>Amazon is &quot;working on a Kindle app for Mac&quot;, according to business publication Fast Company.</p><p>Following the news that <a href="../news/100850-amazon-to-bring-kindle-to-pcs.html" target="_blank">the e-tailer was releasing a Kindle reader </a>for Windows-based computers, an Amazon spokesperson told the website: &quot;Yes, we are working on a Kindle app for Mac&quot;.</p><p>The site also speculates on the possibility that &quot;an API is in the Kindle&#39;s future&quot;, quoting Charlie Tritschler, director of the Kindle programme, as saying: &quot;That&#39;s an important future direction for us&quot;.</p><p>However, the internet giant declined to comment on this area. </p>