Amazon unveils new 'sharper' Kindle DX

<p> has launched a new Kindle DX promising a &quot;new, improved electronic ink display, with 50% better contrast for the clearest text and sharpest images&quot;. The device, priced at $379, comes with free 3G and will be released on 7th July.</p><p>In a typically understated comment&nbsp; Steve Kessel, senior vice president, Amazon Kindle, said: &quot;There&#39;s no turning back once you read on our beautiful new Kindle DX screen. With 50 percent better contrast and darker fonts, you&#39;ll find it easier than ever to read wherever you happen to be, whether it&#39;s outside in bright sunlight or under the low light of your living room. We&#39;re excited to offer the new Kindle DX with free 3G wireless at the lower price of $379.&quot;</p>