Amazon to pay people to deliver orders

Amazon to pay people to deliver orders

Online retailer Amazon is trialling a new scheme which will pay people up to £15 an hour to deliver packages to customers.

The scheme, called Amazon Flex, will be piloted in Birmingham this month before being implemented across the country.

According to Amazon, applicants only need a vehicle, an Android phone, and "some free time", to be elligible.

“Britain has a hugely entrepreneurial spirit, and we think there will be lots of people interested in earning extra money by delivering Amazon parcels in their spare time,” a spokesperson said.

The company will pay between £13 and £15 an hour, though the advert stresses that the expected earnings can vary depending on the number of deliveries made.

Jeff Bezos, founder of the company, has said his aim is for customers to receive their purchase within half an hour of ordering, the Mirror has reported.

Amazon recently launched Prime Now, which allows customers to receive purchases within one hour of ordering them, in London, Leeds and Birmingham.