Amazon starts physical book sales in Brazil

Amazon starts physical book sales in Brazil

Amazon has started selling physical books in Brazil for the first time, almost two years after the launch of its digital bookselling business in the country.

The retailer opened a Kindle store in the Latin American country in December 2012, after an initial stalled attempt in 2011, and today (22nd August) announced it would be moving into selling physical books as well.

In a statement on, Amazon’s founder and c.e.o. Jeff Bezos said the site would be “the largest and most convenient site for Brazilian readers to find and buy” print and digital books at low prices.

Amazon will offer 150,000 physical titles in Portuguese, in addition to the 35,000 digital books it has available, with free shipping on orders over R$69.

Bezos also announced the launch of an “innovative and unique” feature for Amazon shoppers in Brazil – Read While Ship.

“With it, to buy printed books selected, you can start reading the digital version in most smartphones, tablets and computers, while the request is sent to your home,” he wrote. More than 13,000 books are available for reading with the Read While Ship programme.

Brazil is seen as a significant market for the publishing industry and earlier this year Amazon signed a contract with the Brazil Ministry of Education to distribute textbooks to teachers across the country.

The online retailer will convert print books to digital and then “wirelessly distribute" them to teachers using its Whispercast technology.