Amazon refuses to budge on new terms

<p> has refused to back-down on its new terms for publishers participating in its Advantage scheme saying that the new deal is part of a &quot;global programme&quot;. The internet giant met with representatives of the Independent Publishers Guild on Friday (27th March), but said that it &quot;would not be able to alter the terms especially for books&quot;.</p><p>As first revealed on, Amazon has offered Advantage members an &quot;early payment&quot; option of 15 days for an extra 2% discount. This could see those who take up the option paid a full 45 days earlier than those publishers who do not. Publishers have claimed that the 2% option is close to what Amazon&#39;s current payment schedule already is, while the new standard terms mean Amazon is &quot;pinching&quot; an extra month. Some publishers spoken to by <em>The Bookseller</em> were sanguine, but others questioned the move. &quot;In these tough times, it&rsquo;s absolutely outrageous picking on small guys,&quot; said one.</p><p>In a bulletin sent to IPG members, executive director Bridget Shine, said the guild had expressed &quot;concern&quot; over the move and stressed that &quot;these changes will have an impact on the most cash flow-vulnerable publishers&quot;. The trade body also voiced its &quot;disappointment about the way in which this news was conveyed to publishers&quot;, noting in particular the short period of notice. Publishers were told by email that they had until 1st April to pick one of the options available to them.</p><p>But Amazon&rsquo;s director of books, Gordon Willoughby, told the IPG that the move was &quot;a global programme covering other products, and that they would not be able to alter the terms especially for books&quot;. Shine added: &quot;Gordon assures me that he will reply to IPG member who contact him directly. I would encourage all members affected by these changes to share your concerns with Gordon.&quot;</p>