Amazon 'readying Kindle Voyage'

Amazon 'readying Kindle Voyage'

Amazon is said to be readying the release of a new, smaller and thinner Kindle device called the Kindle Voyage.

Engadget reports that some listings for the Kindle Voyage have been spotted on Amazon’s German and Japan online stores, with a future launch date of 4th November.

Spanish versions of the e-commerce site also list the Voyage device, replacing the Paperwhite in a search, suggesting that the latter name is its way out, the news site added.

The new device, the details of which have now been taken down, showed it would have a 300 ppi display, be six inches long and only 8mm deep, making it the thinnest Kindle device to date.It was priced at $190 or $250 with 3G.

Amazon has just launched its Fire Phone in the UK.

It usually updates Kindle reading devices every year and last September revealed an update to the Kindle Paperwhite, with Goodreads integrated.