Amazon 'to put advertising on Kindles'

Amazon 'to put advertising on Kindles'

Amazon is reportedly readying an advertising push for displays on Kindle e-readers after pitching a range of products to marketers in Seattle.

The Financial Times has reported that personalised advertisements will appear on its websites and Kindle devices along with other linked websites as the company steps up competition with rivals such as Google, Facebook and AOL.

The adverts will be based on data collected from the details of 188m of its customers’ shopping habits, which may spark a backlash against possible privacy breaches, the newspaper said.

Lisa Utzschneider, vice-president of global sales for Amazon Media Group, is reported as saying: “We’ve been heads down, focused on building an advertising offering and solution that is right for marketers and right for our customers.”

Meanwhile former Amazon UK boss Brian McBride has accused government ministers of “picking on” the company over its low levels of corporation tax payment in the UK, which has been in the spotlight over recent months.

McBride, who left the online retailer in 2011, told the Sun: “The Government sets the rules. If they don’t like what’s happening they can always change them. When I was at Amazon I had a lot of conversations with HMRC and we had a clean bill of health every time. They’re picking on two or three brands but corporation tax is a global issue. I doubt very few American companies in the UK pay a significant amount of tax.”

Amazon is due to report its Christmas trading results this afternoon (29th January).