Amazon offers customers £10 off as 'thank you'

Amazon offers customers £10 off as 'thank you'

Amazon is offering £10 off any retail order over £50 today to say ‘thank you’ to customers for rating it first in a consumer poll of retailers.

Amazon came top of a survey of 20,000 people last month conducted by Havas Media, which asked customers to rank shops on criteria such as excellent product and service, contribution to society and contribution to people’s personal wellbeing in what it called “meaningful brands” research.

To thank customers for rating the retailer top of the survey, Amazon is giving them £10 off orders over £50 for today (3rd August) only, which customers can claim by inserting the promotional code BIGTHANKS in the checkout box. 

Christopher North, managing director at Amazon UK, said: "We are grateful to customers for ranking Amazon #1 across Britain’s retailers. You can count on us to continue working hard to set ever-higher standards for customer experience."

Natasha Murray, managing director, Havas Media UK, added: "Our Meaningful Brands research measures the quality of benefits that brands bring to people’s lives and links those to business outcomes. Our 2015 study shows Amazon to be the most meaningful brand in the UK driven not only by solid delivery on product and service attributes, but strong performance against personal and collective wellbeing attributes."

Marks and Spencer ranked second in the survey, with John Lewis third, Aldi fourth and Sainsbury’s fifth.

It is the second time this summer Amazon has held a promotional day in the UK, with the first being Prime Day for global Amazon Prime customers on 15th July