Amazon: no new Kindle until 2009

<p>Third quarter sales at rose by 31% to $4.26bn and total media sales increased 19%, to $2.49bn. However, sales gains were below increases posted in the second quarter.</p><p>The company said some of the reason for the slower growth was due to strong sales in July 2007 of <em>Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows</em>.</p><p>Announcing results for the quarter ending 30th September, the company said that Kindle titles accounted for more than 10% of unit sales for books available in both digital and print formats, but it had no plans of releasing a new version of the e-reader until 2009. </p><p>Operating income increased 26% to $154m in the third quarter ($123m in 2007), and international segment sales (UK, Germany, Japan, France and China) were $1.96bn, up 33% from third quarter 2007, and increased to 46% of worldwide net sales compared with 45%.</p><p>&quot;We remain relentlessly focused on delivering value to customers through lower prices, improved selection and our free shipping offers, including Amazon Prime,&quot; said Jeff Bezos, founder and c.e.o. of &quot;Customers saved more than $700 million with our global free-shipping programs over the past twelve months, and we expect more customers than ever will take advantage of the benefits of Amazon Prime this holiday season.&quot;<br /><br />Amazon gave a wide ranging forecast for fourth quarter sales, projecting gains of between 6% to 23%.</p>