Amazon launches tablet and new UK Kindle priced £89

Amazon launches tablet and new UK Kindle priced £89

Amazon has unveiled a Kindle Touch reader, alongside a brand new tablet device called Kindle Fire. It has also launched an £89 Kindle device in the UK.

The new Kindle Touch, which comes in silver, is smaller and lighter than the current, third-generation model and features an IR touch system similar to that offered by Nook and Kobo touch devices.Kindle Touch is available in the US from mid-November priced at $99 with ads included but without 3G. A Touch version without "special" offers costs $139. A 3G-enabled Touch costs $50 more ($149 with ads or $189 without). The basic device is available for $79--but that model includes "special offers".

For the UK, Amazon revealed an £89 Kindle without any adverts, a keyboard or 3G. It goes on sale 12th October and weighs less than 170 grams. It is 18% smaller than the last version of the Kindle and will hold up to 1,400 books. Bezos said he was "thrilled and energised" by the reception to the Kindle. The Kindle Keyboard is priced £109 and the Kindle 3G is priced £149.

At a press conference held today in New York, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said that four years ago Amazon "set out to improve upon the book". Describing it as an "end-to-end service", he said that in just four years Kindle sales have outpaced book sales.

Amazon also unveiled a $199 tablet device. The Kindle Fire will have a seven-inch display, Wi-fi access, but no 3G. It offers music, video, games, apps and colour Kindle books. It also offers "Dynamic Split Browsing", promising to enhance the browser speed. Bezos said: "It'll seem like a traditional browser, just a lot faster and a lot better than you're used to working with." The Fire will ship 15th November. On the new device, he said: "This is an incredible device. We're making premium products and offering them at non-premium prices."

Bezos added: "In terms of market share, Amazon is Coke and there isn't yet a Pepsi."