Amazon launches Mexico Kindle store

Amazon launches Mexico Kindle store

Amazon has launched the Kindle store in Mexico with over 70,000 Spanish language e-books.

The e-commerce retailer has partnered with Mexican chain store Gandi to sell the basic Kindle and the front lit Kindle Paperwhite. The e-readers will only be sold through those stores and not online through the Amazon Mexico site as yet.

Amazon has also opened a Kindle Direct (self) Publishing platform in the country as part of the launch.

Pedro Huerta, director of Kindle content for Latin America, said: “The vast majority of Mexicans do not have access to a bookstore in their town, so we’re happy to launch the Mexico Kindle Store today and bring a huge bookstore… to anyone with an internet connection.”

Some of the e-books in the store are in Mexican indigenous languages like Nahuatl. Amazon is offering Mexican customers over 1,000 e-books for MXN$9 or less (44p) as a starting offer.

The basic Kindle will retail for MXN$1,399 (£67) and the Kindle Paperwhite for MXN$2,399 (USD $116).

Alberto Achar, Marketing Manager at Gandhi, said: “We are confident it will have very good acceptance by readers.”