Amazon launches Kindle in Holland

Amazon launches Kindle in Holland

Amazon has launched three Kindle e-readers and the Kindle e-book store in Holland.

The e-commerce giant launched its Dutch e-book arm today (12th November), offering customers 20,000 Dutch e-books alongside 3million books in other languages, reports Dutch news outlet NU.

Three e-readers – the entry Kindle, the Kindle Paper White and the Kindle Voyager - are selling for €59, €129 and €189 respectively in the country, although the Paper White has been temporarily discounted to €109. Amazon apps are also available in the Dutch language today.

Unlike other countries Amazon operates in, NU reports that the retailer will not set the price of the book. Instead, Jorrit Van der Meulen, head of hardware at Amazon, said: “The price of a book in most cases determined by the publisher or author."

Holland’s main e-book retailer is, which has a 60% marketshare of e-book sales. Kobo also operates in the country, offering 30,000 Dutch titles and 2m international titles. Google and Apple also sell e-books in The Netherlands.

Amazon has not launched its Kindle Unlimited store along with its other services in the country.