Amazon launches Kindle app for tablets

<p> has launched Kindle Apps for Tablet Computers - including Apple&#39;s soon-to-be-released iPad - which enables users to access the full range of e-books on the Kindle store. </p><p>The app, which is free, uses Whispersync technology to automatically update bookmarks and the last point of reading. Users will be able to change the background colour and font size, as well as adjusting the screen brightness. </p><p>No reference is made to potential purchasers from the UK. However, Amazon highlights that book availabilty will vary &quot;if you are a non-US customer&quot;. </p><p>Technology blog <a href="" target="_blank">TechDigest said</a>: &quot;While it may not have as many interactive features as Apple&#39;s iBooks looks set to have, there will still be a little page turn animation for those easily fooled into thinking they&#39;re still reading a musty old tome.</p><p>&quot;Looks like Amazon have their backs covered if many of their users make the switch from Kindle to iPad.&quot;</p>