Amazon launches iPad app

<p> has launched a shopping app for the iPad, making it available for free from the iPad App Store or online.<br /><br />The app allows users access to Amazon&#39;s key features including daily deals, product information, recommendations and customer reviews. Customers will be able to track deliveries and purchase using Amazon&#39;s 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime. Users will also be able to watch film trailers and listen to song samples.</p><p>Sam Hall, director of Amazon&nbsp; Mobile, said: &quot;Following the launch of the Amazon App for iPhone and iPod touch, we&#39;ve used our customers&#39; feedback to help us build a fun and intuitive shopping destination on the iPad. This application offers customers a unique, interactive experience that takes full advantage of the visual and tactile nature of the iPad.&quot;<br /><br />The iPad is due to launch in the UK on 28th May. <a href="../news/114884-amazon-launches-kindle-app-for-tablets.html" target="_blank">Amazon has already launched a Kindle App for the iPad.</a> </p>