Amazon to launch e-book device

<p>, the online retail giant, will unveil its Kindle e-book reader at a high-profile event in New York on Monday, an industry source told CNET c.e.o. Jeff Bezos is expected to be present for the announcement, to be held at the chic W Hotel in Union Square.<br /><br />The Kindle is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection that taps into an Amazon e-book store, which users can access to purchase new electronic books--and Amazon has reportedly signed onto a deal with Sprint for EVDO access. Additionally, the device comes with a headphone jack for audiobooks, as well as an e-mail address. But the source said the Kindle apparently won&#39;t bear many other BlackBerry-like features such as a calendar or address book. The Kindle may also lack a backlight. Instead, it comes with a small reading light attached to an adjustable arm.<br /></p>