Amazon Kindle's territorial controls 'easily cracked'

<p>Publishers have called territoriality on Amazon &quot;on the verge of non-existent&quot; &shy;following an exclusive<em> Bookseller</em> investigation into territory rights and e-book downloads. </p><p><em>The Bookseller</em> was able to crack Amazon&#39;s territorial controls, buying 10 US Kindle editions, all of which have different UK publishers, with different rights deals in place. The purchases were made by inputting a valid US address, but with a credit card linked to a UK address. </p><p>The titles were taken from;s Top 100 Paid Kindle chart as of 15th October, and included Stieg Larsson&#39;s <em>The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo</em> (Knopf/published in the UK by Quercus), Jonthan Franzen&#39;s <em>Freedom</em> (Farrar, Straus &amp; Giroux/Fourth Estate) and Emma Donoghue&#39;s <em>Room</em> (Little, Brown US/Picador).</p><p>Publishers said they frequently tested Amazon&#39;s territorial controls&mdash;and regularly circumvented them. One c.e.o. of a major translatlantic publisher said: &quot;Territory on Amazon is on the verge of non-existent. Our digital team in the UK regularly cracks it. This is a problem we have notified Amazon about. They&#39;ve said: &#39;Don&#39;t worry, [a customer] can only [crack the territory] before the IT kicks in.&#39;</p><p>&quot;That&#39;s a response, even if it&#39;s true, I&#39;ve found to be astounding and unacceptable. Once is too much.&quot; </p><p>A digital director of a UK/US publisher claimed to have broken territoriality for the same title 25 times. The digital director added: &quot;Amazon aren&#39;t inclined to do anything about this. It&#39;s not really in their interest to aggressively go after their customers. Amazon makes money, after all, no matter where they are downloading from. I think they largely work on a &#39;don&#39;t ask, don&#39;t tell&#39; basis,&quot; they concluded.</p><p>A spokesman for Amazon UK responded: &quot;Each customer has a content catalogue associated with their region or country, and we display the appropriate catalogue for each country.&quot; </p><p><a href="../in-depth/feature/132140-digital-focus-leaky-bor" target="_blank"><strong>Digital Focus: Leaky borders</strong></a> </p>