Amazon hikes sales, but posts $7m loss in second quarter

Amazon posted a surprise loss of $7m (or £4.56m) in its second quarter, despite achieving a 22% hike in sales to $15.7bn (£10.2bn) in the period.

Shares fell 2% at the news.

Although Amazon's revenues continue to rise, the company reinvests a lot of its money on building new warehouses, growing services and in the last quarter it has bought a hoard of digital rights content for its film streaming service. In the three months from April to June it announced an expanded video licensing agreement with Viacom, as well as deals with NBC Universal Cable & New Media. The company also opened Kindle Worlds, which allows writers to write fan fiction around "popular worlds."

Amazon made an operating income of $79m for the quarter, 26% down on the same period last year when its operating income was $107m.

Jeff Bezos, founder and c.e.o of Amazon said the company's top 10 best selling items across the world included Kindles, Kindle Fire tablets, accessories and digital content.

He added: "We're so grateful to our customers for their response to Kindle devices and our digital ecosystem."

For the current quarter, Amazon is forecasting revenue of $15.45 billion to $17.15 billion.