Amazon has '80% online share', claims new survey

Amazon has '80% online share', claims new survey

Ten times as many people shop at Amazon than online at Waterstone's, a survey has revealed, while more than half of respondents bought books online.

The research, carried out by the Institute of Direct Marketing,, showed that 80% of some 2,000 readers surveyed bought books from Amazon, in comparison to just 8% of people who shopped at the high street book retailer’s website.

The IDM said the results supported the importance of digital marketing in boosting sales.

"With around 56% of respondents going online for books, it stands to reason that businesses use digital marketing to push their own sales," digital marketing company Econsultancy added in response to the findings.

The figures also revealed that the proportion of those who shopped at Waterstone's stores, 23%, was equal to the number of people who bought books from supermarkets, also at 23%. Slightly fewer consumers, 21%, said they bought titles from WH Smith.