Amazon granted dual display patent for e-readers

<p>The US Patents and Tradesmark Office has granted Amazon a patent on e-readers with secondary LCD displays, and &quot;several&quot; parts of the description are broad enough to include devices such as Barnes &amp; Noble&#39;s Nook, <a href=" target="_blank">Endgadget </a>reports. </p><p>The blog adds that Amazon had agreed not to file for any corresponding foreign patents during the four-year approval process and thus was not required to publish the patent application. As a result &quot;this is likely a complete surprise to the entire industry&quot;. </p><p>It cites one claim on the patent, which refers to a &quot;handheld electronic device comprising... an electronic paper display...and a liquid crystal display...that is smaller than the first surface area of the electronic paper display&quot;.</p><p>Endgadget describes this as &quot;pretty sweeping - it doesn&#39;t take much to look at the Nook and see that it has both an electronic ink display and a smaller LCD located next to it&quot;. </p><p>Although it is not clear if Amazon has any plans to pursue the patent, the blog suggests there would be &quot;a flurry of legal activity happening at all the major e-reader manufacturers right now&quot;, adding that it could even lead to a hastening in the &quot;shift away from e-reader development to general-use tablets&quot;. </p>