Amazon Fires up new Kindle

Amazon Fires up new Kindle

Amazon has reportedly dubbed its new tablet device Kindle Fire, with the digital company set to unveil it tomorrow (28th September).

Techcrunch, which revealed details of the device at the beginning of September, reports the tablet will not go on sale until the second week in November. The device has a seven-inch screen and Amazon is believed to have bypassed its own Kindle team and outsourced its design and manufacture to bring the device to the market ahead of Christmas.

It is unclear whether the device will be available worldwide. Initially, Amazon launched the first generation of the Kindle in the United States in 2008 before a global roll-out in 2009. The Fire is believed to have a $300 (£193) pricepoint and will include Amazon Prime membership.

Meanwhile, the technology site also reports Barnes & Noble is close to launching the next generation of its Nook Color. Believed to be designed to run multimedia content, the Nook Color 2 will run a more advanced version of the Kindle Fire's Android operating system.

Amazon is holding a press conference in New York tomorrow (28th September), when it is expected to announced the Fire.