Amazon e-book sales to reach $800m by year end, claims report

<p>The impact of the iPad on Amazon appears negligible with sales of the Kindle predicted to grow 140% to almost five million units from 2009, according to an analyst&#39;s report.</p><p>The LA Times quoted research from Cowen and Company, which also predicted Kindle e-book sales would grow 195% year on year to $795m in 2010.</p><p>It estimated Apple would account for a 5% of the e-book market this year compared with 76% for Amazon. However, by 2015, Amazon will have 51% of the e-book market, with Apple&#39;s share increased to 16%.</p><p>Heavy book buyers&#39; preference of device is almost split evenly between the iPad and Kindle. The report said among readers who go through 25 books or more a year, 44% prefer using Kindle on the iPad, compared with 47% for iBooks.</p><p>The report also said one in five people who buy e-books from Amazon do not have a Kindle.</p><p>The &quot;iPad is not having a negative impact on Kindle device or e-book sales,&quot; according to the report, written by Cowen analysts Jim Friedland and Kevin Kopelman. &quot;In fact, we think the adoption of tablets will boost Kindle e-book sales.&quot;</p>