Amazon denies plan to open high street stores 'anywhere'

<p>Amazon has denied reports that it has embarked on a &quot;secret search for bricks-and-mortar stores&quot; in the UK, in what was thought to be a move to pick up on customer demand for &quot;click and collect&quot; services. </p><p>The original report, which appeared in the <a href=" target="_blank"><em>Sunday Times</em></a> over the weekend (6th December), claimed e-tailer giant was &quot;scouring the country for high-profile sites just as the Borders book chain is shutting up shop&quot;.</p><p>But the <a href="" target="_blank">Press Association</a> is today (7th December) reporting a denial from the firm. An Amazon spokesman was reported as saying: &quot;We have no plans to open physical stores anywhere in the world.&quot;</p><p>Previously, US-based analysts have argued having physical stores could give <a href=" target="_blank">Barnes &amp; Noble an advantage over Amazon in the e-reader wars</a>, as it allows consumers to use the device, and read books onsite for free using WiFi.</p><p>However, the <em>Sunday Times</em> suggested Amazon&#39;s focus with these stores would be larger goods that are typically difficult to deliver. </p><p>The source was quoted as saying: &ldquo;When Amazon was just selling books and CDs that fitted easily through the letterbox it was fine to be a web-only business, but now it has branched out into everything from children&rsquo;s bikes to electricals it believes it could boost sales by having stores that offer a collection point for shoppers. It will probably be an Argos-style operation.&rdquo;</p>