Amazon demands price parity for marketplace

<p> is bringing in new rules to ensure Marketplace sellers are offering their goods at the same price or lower than on other &quot;non-physical sales channels&quot;. </p><p>From 31st March, Amazon said it would require &quot;price parity from all sellers&quot;, meaning no website - including ebay - or catalogue, third party platform or mobile applications, can undercut the e-tailer. It is giving participants until 1st May to get everything in order. <br /><br />Sellers who are not willing to offer parity &quot;should remove their listings&quot; as they will &quot;lose their selling privileges&quot;, Amazon said.</p><p>&quot;We believe that price is one of the most important factors in customer buying decisions. And customers trust that prices and other terms on are as good as (or better than) those found on other shopping channels,&quot; a statement on the site said. &quot;We believe this trust results in more customers and more sales, increasing the value of the marketplace to sellers like you.&quot;</p><p>Amazon is also demanding that other terms, such as customer service, return and refund policies, are &quot;at least as favourable to customers as the most favourable corresponding terms offered by you or your affiliates on any non-physical sales channels&quot;.</p><p>The move applies to the,, and marketplaces, but no sites outside of the EU are affected.</p><p>Marketplace retailers are being directed towards Seller Support, through the Amazon Seller Account page, if there are any additional questions.</p>