Amazon captures 33% of student textbook sales

<p>Amazon&#39;s dominance in the second-hand textbook market has also boosted its new book sales, a survey of undergraduates has found.</p><p>The report, &quot;Addressing the Second-Hand Book Market 2007-08&quot;, was compiled by educational consultancy Shift Media after interviewing 943 UK students. </p><p>It found 42% of respondents bought their last second-hand book from Amazon Marketplace, &shy;rising from 28% the previous year. Well over half (57.7%) of students said they were buying &shy;second-hand through online sites, including eBay, Abebooks and &shy;</p><p>The report found that Amazon (18.2%) and Amazon Marketplace (14.8%) now account for 33% of new textbook sales.</p><p>Jane Powell, director of Shift Media, said online searching for second-hand titles has pushed new books sales at Amazon. &quot;If students can&#39;t find a second-hand copy on Marketplace, then they&#39;ll consider buying a new copy since they are already on the site. As demand for second-hand texts continues to increase, we can expect to see &shy;Amazon becoming an ever more dominant supplier of textbooks in the UK.&quot;</p><p>The majority of new textbook sales (54.3%) are still going through bricks-and-mortar booksellers, with Blackwell (18.9%) topping the list.<br /><br /></p>