John Murray wins Alzheimer's title following auction

John Murray wins Alzheimer's title following auction

John Murray, an imprint of John Murray Press, has acquired In Pursuit of Memory: The Fight Against Alzheimer’s, for six figures following a "hotly contested" auction. 

Publisher Georgina Laycock bought world rights to the book - a human history of Alzheimer’s, the science behind it and the race to find a cure - from Carrie Plitt at Conville & Walsh. 

US rights have already been sold to Tracy Behar at Little Brown US. Anna Alexander and the JMP Rights team will be selling translation rights at Frankfurt Book Fair.

It is the first book by 30-year-old British neuroscientist Dr Joseph Jebelli, whose own grandfather suffered from Alzheimer’s. 

The book includes a history of the disease, the cutting-edge research of scientists working to find a cure and the stories of families and patients living with Alzheimer’s.

Laycock said: “This is a unique book that the world needs. Dr Jebelli is a leading voice writing with compassion and authority about a subject that touches millions of people’s lives – we all see the headlines but this book will give us the stories and the science to properly understand the disease.”