Atlantic signs Isabel Hardman in pre-FBF deals

Atlantic signs Isabel Hardman in pre-FBF deals

Atlantic Books has signed three titles on the eve of Frankfurt Book Fair, including an "incisive investigation" of our government system by Spectator assistant editor Isabel Hardman.

In The Bubble: Why We Get the Wrong Politicians, Hardman argues that so many people feel disengaged with politics due to our "arcane" system of government, which attracts the wrong type of politician and leader. Hardman will examine why this process happens, how it leads to dysfunctional policy, and how we can reform government to become more inclusive and effective.

In his first acquisition since joining Altantic Books in September, editorial director, Mike Harpley, pre-empted for UK and Commonwealth rights from Andrew Gordon at David Higham Associates for The Bubble. It is to be published in early 2018.

Harpley said: “When I first met Isabel, she struck me as incredibly eloquent and astute. Everyone at Atlantic Books is delighted to be working with her. She is developing a reputation as one of the most intelligent political commentators in Britain today and there is no better writer to examine the insular nature of our political system and how we can fix it.”

Hardman said: "Atlantic has a great reputation in political publishing and I am looking forward to working with them to answer the question that everyone outside the Westminster Bubble asks, which is why is Parliament so disappointing?"

A second signing at auction, Infinite Ground by Martin MacInnes, is set during a "sweltering" South American summer, when a family member, Carlos, disappears. An experienced, semi-retired inspector takes the case, but what should be a routine investigation becomes something "strange, intangible, even sinister".

James Roxburgh, editor ar Altantic, bought UK and Commonwealth rights at auction from Rachel Conway at Georgina Capel Associates.

Roxburgh said: “This is a brilliant panic attack of a debut novel, a strangely compelling and deeply intelligent horror of modern alienation that made my palms sweat and my amygdala flare."

The book will be published in hardback in August 2016.

Atlantic managing director and publisher, Will Atkinson, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights excluding Canada to a third signing, Conrad & Eleanor by Jane Rogers, from Charles Walker at United Agents.

Atkinson said: "Conrad & Eleanor aspires to do what all great novels do. It takes the deeply personal and makes it universal."

Conrad & Eleanor will be published in hardback in June 2016.